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Now 15 GB Free storage from Google

| Tuesday, May 14, 2013
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Google offers 15 GB now shared between Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos. Today Google is improving the way you use storage in Google DriveGmail, and Google+ Photos. Instead of having 10 GB for Gmail and another 5 GB for Drive and Google+ Photos, you’ll now get 15 GB of unified storage for free to use as you like between Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos. Join us for more at +Blogs of urhabib and if you're from Pakistan, join us at

Searching images of past with Google

| Friday, March 22, 2013

Now you can search Google Images with history parameters. Just type year & name of City or country. Suppose we want to search Bahawalpur in 1947, we type: "1947 Bahawalpur" & we find all images related to Bahawalpur in 1947. For example click here. For more stories & tips join +Blogs of urhabib.

Google Play turned a year old

| Thursday, March 7, 2013
Google Play celebrated first birthday on Wednesday and the Android-focused rival to Apple's online iTunes shop celebrated with deals on books, games, music, movies and apps. You can shop google play on the web. Choose from over 500,000 apps & games and your selections will be instantly available on your android phone or tablet.
Happy first birthday Google Play. Join us on +Blogs of urhabib 
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